The first distillery on the Isle of Harris, making spirit for the forthcoming Hearach Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the Isle of Harris Gin infused with Sugar kelp.

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A rare, smooth and complex spirit, the award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is best enjoyed neat, unadulterated, without dilution by any mixers.

Perhaps just add ice to chill your drink and a few drops of Sugar Kelp aromatic water to savour a little more of the Outer Hebridean seas.

However, if you can't resist the joys of an Isle of Harris Gin and Tonic, do try our Harris Serve below...

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The Harris serve

We like to 'build' our favourite serve, savouring the smoothness of the Isle of Harris Gin unadulterated before any additions are made.

So, pour a good measure into a wide-rimmed glass and sip neat.

If you want to enhance the maritime elements of the spirit, add a few drops of our Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water to taste. Then introduce ice, large blocks if possible to avoid dilution, and taste once more.

If you feel tonic is required, we like Walter Gregor's Scottish Tonic, but feel free to experiment. Just add a splash, try not to drown the gin flavours. 

Finally, rim the glass with a wedge of red grapefruit showing plenty fruit flesh, and add a slice to your final drink with just a brief stir.